Cancer Strikes Again

Yesterday I learned my favorite uncle is going to die. Cancer has reared it’s ugly head in my family once again. Really there should be some universal rule that Cancer should have to comply with, like you only get to strike a family one time.  In 1996, my mother’s diagnosis was the same dire death sentence. With her weak heart and as much as the cancer had spread,  she wasn’t strong enough for chemo even if it was not too late. In shock my family and I visited daily and I sat with her during her last couple of months of life. I did as she asked and was strong for everyone.

I was strong but once she was gone my tears would flow at the blink of an eye daily for months, She was only 53. Cancer had already taken my Aunt Lavonna despite heroic efforts to save her life. Later I was told Cancer also took her husband, my Uncle Jim. And now it’s back to claim another member of my family. How I hate that word Cancer, how I hate that disease Cancer. Now it will take the life of another member of the Kamer family. Three adult Kamers, all Cancer’s victim. We’ve had more than our share of this disease.

I for one am sick of the disease but it does no good. It just keeps claiming my family members. I guess we are fortunate that in our family Cancer has only taken the lives of adults. May it stay that way.

I believe in GOD and my faith is solid but I fail to understand why GOD lets Cancer continue to take out our loved ones, especially repeatedly in one family. Why is Cancer allowed to take the lives of small children who haven’t had a chance to live? And when will Cancer be eradicated from the face of the Earth?

I only know that for now my heart is hurting and there are still no answers forthcoming.

I had to write my son yesterday and let him know Uncle Bobby is dying. It is too late, the cancer too far gone, Stage 4 they say. Inoperable. They sent him home to die promising to make him as comfortable as possible until the end.

Bravely, he began to call family members to say his goodbyes while he knows he still can.

Why do ‘Men in Skirts’ cost so much? My uncle wants a Scotsman in a kilt to play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. But there is no way we can afford ‘Men in Skirts’. Our family is far from well off and it is just not within our means. So my uncle will most likely be bid farewell to the sound of Amazing Grace played by bagpipes but from a CD. I wish I knew of a last wish foundation so that I could arrange for his bagpipes before he is gone.

I’m going to take my aching heart to the kitchen and try to find something to eat for the appetite I don’t have right now. I wish the tears would stop welling up unexpectedly. I wish he wasn’t dying.

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